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We are building a healthcare system that cares about you.

Healthcare that you deserve.

Modulus is a member-centered healthcare system that focusses on all the factors that affect an individual’s overall wellbeing and health. We are a full-stack healthcare system that is obsessed with the idea of fitness and preventive health. 

At Modulus, we are on a mission to build, design, develop and deliver an engaging system of healthcare and firmly committed to our goal of taking preventive healthcare to the Indian household.

the Modulus Club experience

Your health. Your way.

As part of the Modulus club, members get access to a complete whole new healthcare experience. Being fit is the primary goal and the first step towards prime health. With simplicity and convenience at its core, the deep-tech fitness algorithm of Modulus archetypes human behavior and gives user-specific actionable insights all throughout the day. Spend zero time analyzing data and taking decisions. 

Also, they get access to our dedicated care team working together to provide end-to-end guidance both online and in-person. Our community goes beyond just sick care and focusses on overall wellbeing. You also get to experience cashless hospitalization as part of our health cover with no paperwork. This unique approach of Modulus is built to make healthcare and fitness super simple for its members all under one fixed subscription fee. 

Get fit. Be well. Stay well.

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